What You Need To Present Yourself Fearlessly Forever

entrepreneurship fashion firstimpressions hue and style philosophy professional image style Oct 04, 2022

Phew! I'm back in my life after a change, changing, talking, teaching and a little signature 𝕄ℂ𝔾 preachin' on stage and with my dear clients in person.

Reflecting on my time in front of people new to my message, I realized I heard the same things from women gearing up to show up for their businesses and lives. They asked:

"Michele, how do I present myself powerfully?"
"How do I create a fearless presence like you?"
"How do I feel better about whom I see in the mirror?"
"Ug, how do I bust out of this rut I feel I'm stuck in?"

I've got an answer for you. READ ON:

All of these desires, wants, and problems are tied together. And You can fix it all by starting with a commitment, process and practice of "seeing yourself differently."

Dang. You wanted me to tell you the magic bullet style tip or the personal branding hack that would fix your hesitation to put yourself out there.

Yeh. You see, you can't permanently present yourself powerfully, fearlessly, while feeling better about what and who you see in the mirror so that it busts you out of any rut you're in UNLESS you have three things:

  • New & crystal clear knowledge about yourself, including your values & vision for what's next in your life.
  • Refined & crystal clear definition about what you offer others, including the way that makes you "competitionless" at what you do.
  • A practical, repeatable framework and practice to renew your confidence daily that boosts your uniqueness, brands your essential contribution, and broadcasts your value, visibility and voice.

These three are what you need if you want never to question yourself again, to ask for what you want, get it and love it.

I bet you don't believe me when I say you can get all three in a way you wouldn't expect -- dressing in Hue and Style®. Believe it. My clients harness the influential art, science and psychology of image and confidence that helps them transform every way they show up.

Like the sound of using what you put on your body to "put on" new confidence for every part of your life? 

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