Replace Your 'Elevator Pitch' With This

featured in networking personalbranding personalgrowth professional image strategic image Aug 15, 2022

It's a common belief that you need an "elevator pitch" - a short, intriguing snippet of words that introduces what you do standing in a literal elevator or at a networking event.⁣

I believe in a different kind of "pitch" because these days, these short "I help ___ (insert target) to _____ (insert service)" sound super canned - lacking individuality. And "canned" anything these days comes across as less authentic.⁣

Let me tell you, people want to hear about the real you, and more importantly, they want to feel the real you. The bumbling, sometimes overly-emotional-about-what-you-do feeling you deliver with what you say combined with what they see in you is the "real pitch" and actually boosts your presence to one they will remember past the 2-minute elevator ride.⁣

Just after this picture was taken a few days ago, I had the exact "real pitch" moment I just described as I shared what I do for the women I help to the folks at this Porsche dealership. My entire 25-year confidence-building career flashed before my eyes; every email of gratitude from my clients came to the forefront of my mind, and it filled me with so much gratitude that there may have been a few "tears of truth" that filled my eyes.⁣

If you are living, working and showing up to create outcomes with purpose and excellence, you'll have these moments too.⁣

What kind of "pitch" are you using to communicate yourself? It might be time for a shift.