Turn The Chore Of Dressing Into A Joy

confidence fashion getupanddressed hue and style philosophy mindset style Mar 05, 2022
The first winter after we moved into our home, I hated to shovel the snow.
It was a chore.
I would reluctantly head out to the driveway and corner sidewalk each time the white stuff fell, and I'd dig my shovel in like it was an unwanted task.
That was until I learned to apply what I teach about shifting perspective in one's closet to shifting my perspective for shoveling snow.
Here's what I learned years ago and applied to this day:


Something is a chore if it doesn't have personal meaning.
Here's what I mean:
Most people shovel to remove snow so they can easily access their house or so people can walk more. The moment applied more meaning to the task and made the practice joyful. I started to enjoy my time, exercise and music in the crisp air. Now, I love it, and each time it brings me peace, if you can even imagine.  
All because I learned to apply this chore to a joy.
Now, think about your closet:
Getting dressed for most women is about putting something on that serves a practice purpose - to be professional or appropriate. These reasons alone make dressing a chore for 99% of women.
There's a better way.
It's possible to turn your dressing from a chore into a joy! And it starts with what I did with my shoveling - with shifting the perspective of WHY you get dressed and learning a process to honor that important, self-belief affirming, courage producing reason.
You can give personal meaning to everything you dress in.
You can't do it by copying trends or buying what the influencers have. You can't do it by pinning ideas to endless boards or watching fashion tips on YouTube. Joy is personal, Lady, you can only do it by finding what that means for you first and then learning how to use the psychology science of dressing to connect them.
When you do, you find you start to use it for everything else in your life.
Seriously. That kind of joyful confidence moves into your work, business, marriage, and parenting - all be because you started with yourself.
OK, yes, this was a long story, but you get my point about perspective, chores, dressing and joy.
Now ask yourself if your dressing is a chore or a joy? (And more importantly, are you happy with that?) If not, click here.