4 Ways To Uplift Your Confidence Now

change+transition inspiration joinme journalling mayconfidencebloom women Apr 29, 2022
We all need a reset button - for confidence, in our closets, and sometimes for both at the same time.
How do you do it?  Are you intentional about it?
If you've been with me for any time, you’ll know I hit my own reset button a few times a year in a few different ways. At these times of celebration and reflection, I sit back in a quiet moment and marvel at what power intention, clarity and focus bring.
Even just this year, my business has grown another leap - again - in fewer hours and with more ease as I reach the women I work with in more profound ways. This growth has left me more room for family commitments and some personal luxuries. My life is quieter yet more abundant in every way that matters most to women in fulfillment and security.
I sat back the other day in one of those quiet morning moments and thought,  "What is my life?  It feels so good to be in a sweet spot - a flow - where everything is so good. How did all that good happen?"
Then I reminded myself it’s not by accident.  It’s never by accident, and I've been doing this too long to forget that fact.  
A life that feels good looks good (from the inside out) comes from a specific process of intention. Mine has played as a blueprint in my background for decades - so much so that I wrote my first book, Angel In Your Heart, about it and expanded on it in my second Amazon best-seller, Show Up Confident.
Here’s how you can uplift your confidence and design a life you love to live:
 Photo credit: Kimberly Kalon
  1. Know Your Meaningful Outcome - It’s why you are spending time here on the planet. Oh, and it’s not to make lunches for kids, stack up degrees or collect thousands of followers.  It’s deeper than that.  What do YOU bring to the world as a whole? What example are you teaching with your life for others to follow?  
{Mine is to move women to see themselves differently and find new courage.}
  1. Know Your Gifts & Talents - These are what you bring to the table to execute your Meaningful Outcome.  Gifts you’ve had since you can remember and talents are things you’ve learned and acquired over time.  The mix will be unique to you, which makes how you help others very uniquely you too.
{Mine include an engaging, creative and intuitive approach that makes me a wizard to those I work with}
  1. Have A Target “Help” Market - We all have types and groups of people we are drawn to helping with our Meaningful Outcome and Gifts & Talents.  Who are they for you specifically?  Who do you help with what you have?  Without knowing this, it will be tough to do #4, and you’ll find yourself frustrated to “know your purpose,” aimless in your actions, or you’ll “go through the motions” of life without truly connecting to WHY you are here…that can feel hard and lonely sometimes.
{I help women shifting out of transition - professionals, entrepreneurs who are helpers, healers and teachers to be seen so they can make their mark on others.}
  1. Constantly & Continually Align Yourself - Once you know the first 3, the “work” of life becomes about always aligning yourself in growth, actions, words, deeds, vocation, decisions, child-rearing, relationships, career paths, and everything else we do. Here is where you need a process for renewing your confidence, tools to help it stick, guidance to fill the gaps and support to keep you going.
{It's why I believe in teaching tools that are permanently practical and mix them with a mentorship relationship.}
When you get close to aligning all four parts, something magical happens. You draw the people, opportunities, ideas, relationships and all you need. You have courage you didn't think you had, and you wake up with fearless enthusiasm to say...
"What is my life…."
Just like I did.  
This isn’t the first time I’ve felt this sense of flow.  There have been times I was completely out of it which has allowed me to feel and know when I’m precisely in it. 
If you think back, it will be the same for you.  
Sometimes it takes a rest button,  a new year, a summer holiday, or some great happiness to see that the process has worked in the backdrop of your life for years.
Take a moment to reset after reading this post.  Take each of the four ways and explore your own journey. If you are craving more, listen to this podcast episode below.