Pages of Confidence

for any age, stage, transition or transformation.


"There was a time when I didn't think I was a writer."

That was until I had something to share for a reason bigger than my own self-doubt. 

First, I wrote Angel In Your Heart for my daughter to know what was deep in my heart for her growth. Show Up Confident is my second release for women finding a new spark after life's transition based on my own journey.

Purpose is a powerful motivator and my deep desire to pass on the power of confidence is why now I, not only 'think,' but 'know' I am a writer. 

Enjoy your journey through my books.

Show Up Confident

Amazon Best Seller

The secret of how to be more confident is under the clothes you’re wearing this minute. If you know you’ve lost a bit of yourself after a life change, relax, you can return to your brilliance. 

The clues to the emotions and hang-ups keeping you stuck are hanging in your closet right now. 

A conversational, part memoir/part practical personal-development guide that will forever change the way you think about getting ready to take on your day—and your life.


Angel In Your Heart

Not just for children but a book to inspire all of us rediscover our own personal confidence through trust and faith in our own gifts & talents."

It encourages us to draw strength, comfort and confidence from our connection to something greater than the world around us and to use it in our lives to bring us limitless possibilities, purpose and joy.

It is a delightful introduction to spiritual development that is perfect for children or is an empowering reminder to us all to trust in ourselves and in the power beyond us.


My Why

to inspire and be inspired by the women on my life!


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