What I Do In Times Of Change [PODCAST]

In times of change, having habits and perspectives that help you move toward finding meaning are the most powerful.  I’m sharing exactly what I do to manage change and why even in extraordinary times, you can begin developing a series of ways to bounce back from anything. I mention a couple of ways I may be able to help you in the episode.  Find the links here:
7x7 Journal Project: bit.ly/7x7journalproject
#GetUpAndDressed Challenge: bit.ly/start_getupanddressed
Let's hang out after the episode! You can leave feedback and insights on the episode on the @ConfidenceShiftPodcast Instagram page or you can join my private Facebook group. You can also join any of my FREE learning opportunities or projects to help you begin developing new perspective. I have also sorts of options at hueandstyle.com

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