Look at what you're wearing. What's the first thing you notice?

If you are a female entrepreneur pushing to return to action "putting yourself out there," a professional leading a team to deliver your best outcomes, you'll want to understand, and know how to use the image-confidence connection. Join me!

Now's the time to prepare yourself to re-debut your excellence, your authority, and your heart-led work in the right way with the strongest personal brand image ever - while you renew your self-belief, self-love and style self-expression.

(Yes, this can happen all at once when you know how to do it!)


Scale Up Your Confidence 

and here's what you'll get:

My 12 Proven Principles

Match who you are becoming with what you present on the outside.

Monday Morning Emails

Start your week with my personal note teaching you a new principle every 7 days.

Confidence Calls To Act

Get thinking and feeling deeper about how you see yourself & present yourself in the mirror.

A Surprise Or Two

I've always got a few goodies up my sleeve for those who join my events. If you love exclusive invitations, well, be sure you sign up!

Success starts from the top...

No skill you learn, credential you've earned or accolade you've accumulated works to change lives without being backed by a rock-solid belief that you deserve more love, abundance, ease and impact in your life.

That means the success of your team, family or community starts with you and your unshakable confidence to show up authentically no matter what - online, in-person, on video or on the phone - everywhere.

It's FREE to join! 

Here's what you can expect one more time:

My 12 elements it takes to align new confidence and with your personal brand visibility from daily mindset, from head to toe to online, to in person with your appearance style, behavior nuances and communication cues.

An email to start your week that helps you align your idea of self-acceptance with investing in your ability to build the trust of others in your expertise, leadership and voice. 

An ease that releases the overwhelm of second-guessing your next move with "confidence calls to act" tasks designed to help you see why changing to dress in aligned, magnetic style makes you a walking commercial for whatever you're building this year - and beyond.

Begin right now!

I'll be your guide...

I'm Michele.

Why, hello there! I’m a Certified Image Consultant, Certified Master Life Coach, personal branding expert, Amazon best-selling author, and award-winning international confidence mentor.

I help entrepreneurs, professionals, and community leaders to use my Hue and Style® process & mentorship program to transform the way they present themselves into a personal brand-defining, style-expressing, confidence-building, mindset-shifting, business-building, career-advancing, paycheck-boosting, joy-attracting superpower.⁣

Wherever you find me, I share that nothing new happens without fresh confidence and that how you see yourself in the mirror either fuels or stalls your self-esteem, business, career, and relationship goals.⁣ (It’s a research-back phenomenon!)

After working with thousands of women and logging almost 25 years of client breakthrough results, I'm a master as facilitating change in those ready to get more out of life.

If you're new to me, nice to meet you. You'll soon see I'm not your "typical stylist." I want so much more for you than just a fashion style. I want you to activate your greatest potential, make your mark, and live a blissful, purpose-filled life.⁣

If how you are presenting yourself right now made you anything less than ENTHUSIASTIC, PRESENCE-FILLED & EXCITED,

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