Speaking & Workshops With Michele





With the gift of a commanding voice and infectious enthusiasm,

Michele inspires any audience to move with practical new action toward a mindset that improves their image and ignites their confidence.

"An Amazing Leader & Teacher"

Michele uses her gifted speaking ability and knack for delivering practical calls to action that first connect with her audiences in-person or on-line and then inspire them to act in a new way.

She has been recognized multiple times for this inspirational nature, proven entrepreneurship skills throughout her 18 year award-winning career. Discover her honors on her LinkedIn profile.

"An Infectious Enthusiasm"

Michele regularly broadcasts live on social media with practical image advice, thought-provoking confidence lessons and tons of laugher mixed with "hard-truth" realness.  

Listen to a broadcast on one of her favorite topics, "Wearing Color" then imagine her impact for your team, organization or business.


Areas of Expertise

Dressing Professionally, Personal Brand Marketing, Networking With Image On and Offline, Image For Customer Service and Client Attraction, Dressing Well To Build Confidence, Women's Self-Esteem & Confidence, Women's Life & Work Balance, Lessons In Entrepreneurship

Keynote Topics

for conferences, special events and groups

  • The Biggest Myths About Getting Dressed For Success - the most common myths women believe that are costing them presence in their image, their style and their confidence. 
  • Style Your Life For Success - essential and proven strategies for designing a life that honors your true purpose and definition of success.
  • The Keys To Confidence - the essentials for developing an unshakable sense of personal confidence

 Workshops Topics 

for business teams, staff personal development days & customer service training

  • Image Works For Customer Service & Sales - image strategy for professional presentation and interaction.
  • Image Makes Team Work - the effect of individual confidence building for enhanced team performance

Plus, custom topics relating to image, confidence, body image, self-love, lifestyle balance and formula for success. 

If you are a business owner or team leader, read more about IMAGE FOR BUSINESS.

"A Highly Skilled Presenter"

Michele has been speaking to audiences since the age of 16 as a top debate competitior who received recognition nationally.  She went on to use her gift for speaking to teach and inspire her high-achiving, award-winning sales organization that she mentored to 6-figure success.  She has always enjoyed connecting with audiences large and small with contagious energy, #realtalk, and sometimes raw emotion.  Michele has the ability to bring out the range of emotion from laughter to tears that makes her audiences take new action in their lives.

“Hands down the best workshop I have ever attended. Your personal touch and “I care attitude” are beyond compare. I am so inspired to be a better, truer version of myself!”

Lana Laine Lane, Workshop Participant

“Michele delivers a powerful message that inspires confidence and enthusiasm. She is a highly skilled presenter. As an accomplished image consultant, Michele has successfully motivated myself and many others to reconsider how we prepare ourselves for business and social events.”

Terra Weaver, KT & Company – Producer of the Inspiring Women Conference

“Michele is a reflection of everything she teaches those she works with. She is an amazing leader and teacher in life. Her professionalism will exceed any expectations you may have. Michele engages and connects to all of the clients she works with. She is an amazing speaker. Please do yourself a favour and hire her.”

Marya Pettigrew, Executive Director



5 out of 5 Participant Rating

Participants describe what they feel after learning from Michele: 

  • Inspired
  • Empowered
  • Excited
  • Relieved
  • Confident
  • Ready to be Better


Interviews & Recognition for Michele

Interview With Arianna Merritt

Creator of The Self-Discovery Retreat

"One way that we can take care of our awesome selves is in how we dress. I love wearing beautiful clothes and constantly get complimented on my style. Today, my guest is Michele Charles Gustafson, CIC, B.Comm (Honors), a fellow Canadian entrepreneur and Instagrammer who shares my passion for empowering others to become their best selves; Michele will share her insights on how investing in ourselves is key to achieving our goals." Read more...

International Women's Day Feature

Lloydminster Meridian Booster

While it may be her career, Michele Charles Gustafson takes empowering women to another level.

Being an image consultant, she helps to create confidence in women, and is something she said was not just a job, but a calling.

“I think women are the most powerful things out there,” she said. “Women have the ability to change the world … We are the natural nurturers (and) we are the ones teaching. We teach our children (and) we teach fellow women.” Read More...

A sampling of clients who value building confidence in their organizations:


Discover how the message of image confidence can improve the performance and outlook of your team, group or business. Talk with Michele directly.