Every One Of My New Clients


How you dress every day is repelling the  opportunities and connections you need to be a successful and fulfilled female entrepreneur, professional or community influencer if...

...you spend any longer than 5 minutes getting dressed - trying to pull yourself together your potential clients take you seriously but end up so frustrated you put on all black, or

...you stand in your closet second-guessing your choice of outfit trying to figure out what will make you stand out as a credible expert but that is also appropriate AND expressive, or

...you secretly know deep down that how you present yourself isn’t portraying your true value which is making it hard to charge what you know you are worth and putting the future of your business in jeopardy...

I have the answer for you - and it’s far more than dressing "in fashion."

If you are ready to finally ready to learn the truth about what it takes to create a total image that acts like marketing for your business, career and passionate purpose; that makes you 10x more confident to be visible to your ideal audience and that communicates like a personal profit-making commercial of you…

Learn the PERSONAL STYLE PITFALLS you are communicating with the outfit you are wearing right now! You’ll be shocked by what it really takes to dress well to communicate your best self and what 98% of women will continue to get wrong until they commit to what it takes to get it right.


Michele’s Hue And Style Mentorship Program is



until FALL 2018.

Gal! Place your name on the waiting list for one of the limited seats to a FREE Masterclass and your opportunity for an exclusive  BREAKTHROUGH SESSION to experience how Michele’s one-of-a-kind mentorship will help you achieve your I,age, confidence and purpose-filled goals. All coming in August.