Make A Mid-Year Confidence Turn-around

bestseller change+transition confidence inspiration journalling mindset Jun 20, 2022

Happy Solstice today as we mark the halfway mark of our planet’s trip around the sun this year.

My closet friends know I love a solstice. In the summer, it’s the longest day of the year (today). In the winter, it’s the shortest and being in Northern Alberta, it’s always an awe-inspiring day.

The sun won’t set until 9:51 pm tonight.

I love that, but I also love what this turn-around represents.

It’s a chance to do some reflection and journal work:

  • Pinpoint your significant transitions of the last six months.
  • Recognize your evolution.
  • Find meaning and maturity in your choices.
  • Align your focus on what you’re learning in life.
  • Prepare your intentions and confidence for what’s next.
  • Boost your gratitude for another half-year spin around the sun.

So happy Solstice to you. Which of the above will you be doing today?

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