Make A Mid-Year Confidence Turn-around

Happy Solstice today as we mark the halfway mark of our planet’s trip around the sun this year.

My closet friends know I love a solstice. In the summer, it’s the longest day of the year (today). In the winter, it’s the shortest and being in Northern Alberta, it’s always an awe-inspiring day.

The sun won’t set until 9:51 pm tonight.

I love that, but I also love what...

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What It Means To Be "Seen"

When you have clear confidence in your purpose, you can go years and years without seeking outside recognition. But when it comes, it's a chance to pause and reflect on what others see in you. Here's what happened to me this week.

I got the notification that I was nominated for an Alberta Women Entrepreneurs Award.

To say I'm humbled is an understatement.

I'll tell you a secret, though, years...

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Show Up Confident: A #1 Best Seller (But I See Something More Valuable)

You see a #1 Best Seller. I see something more valuable: all the pay-checks of the heart behind the metric.


Early on in my entrepreneurial career, my first mentor, Fern, taught me about "pay-checks of the heart." They are things you can't put a price on. They are wins that happen inside, far from the eyes of the world.

Offering my book to the world this week brought me SO...

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