When You're Going Places, First Impression Details Matter

confidence firstimpressions hue and style philosophy image imageprinciple leadership professional image speaking strategic image Sep 08, 2023

I'm getting ready to travel to San Francisco to give a keynote talk to 50+ global CEOs at a private equity company's women's summit. I'm excited. I'm always excited when groups invest in my message that - by now, you know - is a little deeper than the average "fashion tip."

And because I am a coach, mentor and teacher of the Hue and Style® way, I walk my walk. So now, it is time to get down to the image details that make a difference, whether you are standing on stage, entering a networking event with new people or walking into a date to meet a new love interest. Be clear. There are first-impression image details you likely don't even realize are important.

Here are 3 top areas to not only polish but maximize when you want someone to see you, believe in who you are and be captivated by what you have to bring to the table. They all serve one purpose - to eliminate distractions in your appearance and invite a welcoming attitude for engagement and connection.

1. Buff out those scuffs

Attention to detail extends all the way down to your shoes. Scuffed shoes send the message that you don't care enough to put your best foot forward. Make sure you invest time in polishing your shoes and removing any scuffs. My dad always taught me that people look at your shoes as you're approaching and that seemingly small detail tells others your meticulous attention for care and service. Some of the tools he taught me to use that I keep on hand:

2. Wrinkles be gone

Much like scuffs on shoes, wrinkles in your clothing send a negative message about your image. Ensure that your clothes are free of creases when you step out of your house. Purchase your personal brand-making pieces in quality fabrics that hold their shape, and if you don't have that nailed down, make friends with your iron, hand-held steamer or find a quality dry cleaner that can keep you looking crisp and professional. Fun fact: I just replaced my iron of 16 years with a new model, and is it weird to say I love ironing all over again? Ha!

3. Exude Confidence with Posture

When you stand tall, you send a message to the world that you believe in yourself, your potential, and your worth. It's not just about pulling your shoulders back or having a straight back; it's about owning your space with a quiet, self-assured energy. Good posture when you walk, sit, stand and greet others speaks volumes before you even utter a word, silently telling the world you're ready, able, and here to share your value.

Think about where you're going and where you want to go - in your career, business, relationships, as an example to your kids or those you lead -- are you paying attention to the details of what you're showing about yourself?

To drive this point home, I took a picture of the shoes I'm taking to San Francisco to show you the difference that paying attention to details makes.

What's your first impression when you see the difference between the before and after? Hit the button, watch for the pop-up and tell me what you think! I'll see your insight in my inbox!