Your First Impression & The Science Behind It

You might think the shirt you put on this morning is just a shirt. But oh, no. Let me tell you!

THE SNAP OF A FINGER! That's all you've got to communicate your best!

In 3-minutes, I shared why the appearance part of your image is CR-I-T-CAL for projecting yourself, so people see you, take notice, remember (and above all else) choose you!

And it's not just me saying it this time - it's...

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Why Confidence Comes Before Success | LIVE REPLAY


My daughter has been playing piano for the last 6 years, and every spring, she performs a recital piece that she's worked on over the year. This year, like last, was different.  No recital, so instead, The Hubbs and I got cozy on our family room couches, and she did a "home recital."  

At first, she was a little self-conscious to play to a room of two (ok,...

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