The Style Myths That Keep You From Aging Authentically [PODCAST]

career change change+transition color confidence fashion hue and style philosophy midlife podcast style Jan 30, 2024

"Midlife" has become a buzzword, a community, and a movement. What does it mean for how you think and feel about getting dressed? A lot of mish-mashed feelings is what! Am I right? Between body changes, calls to love what you've got, pressure to find your "authentic style" and challenge beauty standards - it's. a.lot.
Not to worry, I have some advice for you after working with countless women passing through these changes, redefining what life means in every way, including how they express themselves. I'm an expert on midlife women making a massive confidence shift, starting with tossing out three huge myths about what you need to do to age gracefully, vibrantly, and with maximum self-love and confidence.
Tune in if you're a woman at this stage of transition, and share this with the women who need to hear that quieting the noise about finding style is more important than ever at this stage when life shifts: family, careers, health and happiness.
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