3 Phases Of A Confidence Renewal

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Yes. This blog's thumbnail is an AI-created version of me. It seemed fitting for a post about seeing yourself differently as you enter a new year, and the AI got the hue just right, too so let's chat:

For the last couple of years, I shared a new year message on CTV Your Morning about preparing yourself for new optimism and hope.

This year, I'm quieter- a bit more introspective and a bit more private since this year had significant personal changes and transitions. So even while my business helping heart-lead driven women show up for themselves and their lives was one of my best years ever, I was quieter than ever as I navigated helping my mother make a lifestyle change and transition of her own. It was a big, big move.

I didn't feel called to make a new year reflection post since I shared the lessons I learned throughout this year in this podcast. 

There was a tugging at me to share something more. I couldn't figure out what that was until I realized that learning lessons after a confidence reset that you can use to move forward are about embracing the process of renewal.

Being made new again, seeing life with fresh eyes, reinventing how you showcase and share your best, and even how you define your best in the first place are all parts of that renewal.

Renewal is about:

  1. Developing curiosity about yourself and how you've changed.
  2. Increasing self-acceptance about your uniqueness and valuable contribution.
  3. Unifying what you've learned about yourself with how you want to show up next.

To do these, the most self-aware and growth-focused people have a daily process to align them. When you do, you can move from renewal to energizing anything you want. In Show Up Confident, I share the phases of finding new confidence - renew, energize, and prepare.

You can only get to one with the previous; the process begins with renewal.

I have a way you can begin to align the three phases of a confidence renewal - and there's no need to wait until the turn of any year (this can be the start of your new season.)

The ReNew Year Series.

For ten days, listen to or watch lessons that spark reflection and curiosity about how you've changed, your uniqueness, your contribution, and how they tie to your image and the way you show up.

It'll either spark a motivation to move to energize every way you put yourself out there or affirm that you're happy where you are - which can be fine too. Either way, you'll have a clearer idea of what to energize and prepare for in your next season.


As a bonus, here is a new-year, new-season affirmation you can use to boost your efforts as you move through the series. (I've made it so you can put it on your mobile device if you like.)

Happy new year (or new season) to you. May it be your best! ~ 𝕄ℂ𝔾