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Communication Skills To Boost Your Personal Brand

After more than a year of digitally-dominant communication, polish your personal brand & professional communication by embracing 3 super valuable yet commonly overlooked communication skills that help you get ready for new opportunities.

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Building Your Personal Success Team

You become like the 5 people you connect with most. I shared my 5C's of supportive relationships straight out of my book Show Up Confident that will help you assess and build a personal success team at any stage of your life.

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Show Compassion With Your Words

You can use your words as powerful communicators to offer kindness and compassion to those you care. I shared the fundamentals of active listening & my favorite 4 phrases you can use to lift those in your life up.

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Expressing Yourself From Behind The Mask

Having half of your face covered is a challenge for sharing connection these days. I shared about how to express positivity, warmth and welcome using other parts of your non-verbal communication. A vital skill to building trust and rapport.

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Optimism & Hope For A New Year

On the edge of a new year, I shared about how to remove the pressure of "resolutions" and replace it with the magic of "intentions." It's a shift that can change your confidence and how you approach any new season of life.


Make Your 3 Second First Impression Count

 I shared why first impressions are just 3 seconds long yet mean so much for your ability to show up for your day, goals and life. ⁣


Show Up Confident & Motivated

On CTV Morning Live Edmonton, I shared the importance of leaving comfy pants behind no matter what the uncertainty and embracing a new way to get ready for you day. Then, grab your copy of Show Up Confident.



that capture a confidence-shifting energy and message.


PASSION & GROWTH featured Show Up Confident in their "Confidence" themed monthly personal development box.


PILATES ON DEMAND featured Show Up Confident in a prize give-away for a monthly wellness challenge.

Locale YLL Magazine

April 2021 Cover Story

Magazine creator, Kimberly Steier, invited me to share my life, work and mission in her publication featuring individuals, businesses, and organizations in Lloydminster and the surrounding area.


Published Articles

5 Ways To Cherish The Most Important Relationship You’ll Ever Have
3 Helpful Ways To Move Through Your Feelings Right Now
How To Succeed At Any Personal Growth Journey
3 Ways To Find New Confidence After A Big Life Transition
3 Style Resolutions To Make This New Year
5 Simple & Powerful Ways to Maximize Your First Impression

Stay Showing Up! Collaboration

I was so excited when global cosmetics company, IMAN Cosmetics, reached out to me to share my message encouraging women to #GetUpAndDressed especially in times of CoVid-19 uncertainty.

They shared my image boosters for a little more power, productivity, and presence.

Podcast Interview With Sarajane Case

The Enneagram & Coffee Podcast

In a chat that could have lasted for hours, Sarajane and I cover what it takes to capture lasting confidence.


with Tara Patten, The Power Of Fashion



with Victoria of Stress Less Ladies



with Jess of Pilates On Demand



on The Joy Sutton Show



with Sabine Hayes of Georgette Marise Interiors



on Coffee n Tea with Sabine & Lisa


Radio Interview With Natasha Hall

The Natasha Hall Show - CJAD 800 AM - Montreal  

Natasha Hall invited to her show to expand on my talk about expressing yourself from behind the face-covering or mask.

Interview With Harpreet

Award-winning RE/Max Realtor®  

On the heels of my Show Up Confident book launch, I joined Harpreet Christie for an interview about "The Reason Success Starts With Who You See In The Mirror."

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