What's The Point Of Building An Image Right Now? | Q&A

confidence mindset professional image q&a strategic image Apr 19, 2021
A lady from my free Facebook group DM'd me and was brave enough to ask me this big question:
"What's the point of building an image - as you call it? We're not going anywhere. We're all working from home or changing how we work, have nowhere to wear "good clothes," and I don't think we feel like it anyway after a year in sweats."
Phew. I can hear the frustration in her question. Can't you? I can hear the exhaustion in the whole scenario, and with those two feelings running over the last year, yes, it can be hard to see the true value of embracing and investing in building a total image. I get it.
Here's what I don't want you to miss:
Your "image" is not only about the clothes you wear. It's a piece of a bigger puzzle.
Your "image" is not something that becomes less relevant when times change. It's always relevant (and becomes more vital) because we are people who need to communicate more deeply with others in times of stress, change and transition.
Your "image" is a tool you can use to help others see you, understand you and support you when you build and use it strategically. It's an asset to whatever you want to do at any time.
Your "image" is a confidence-builder you can use to access new courage, motivation and results when you weave the inner and outer elements together seamlessly. It's a superpower and changes how you approach anything you thought you were afraid to do. (Don't we all need that in times of change.)
You see, your "image" is made of how you see yourself, and how you share it with others in the most aligned and authentic way; it's how you use both to power your resilience to get up and make your mark.
So to the lady brave enough to ask me what the point of investing in your image right now is --thank you for your question so I can help you see that  you ARE "going somewhere." You ARE changing how you work, and if you've got a contribution to make to those in your life - your business, team, family and community - the right "good clothes" will change how much motivation you have to step out and offer it to others in new ways. You WILL "feel like it" when you know how to enforce that you're a more powerful woman than you've ever realized, and you'll want to learn to put on your own Hue and Style® to share your amazing self with those you change.