The Truth About "Building Your Brand"

Everyone says:

“Build your brand!” 

“Be an Influencer.”

“Captivate your audience.”

"Tell your story."

You've probably heard all of these and more about how to build your personal brand influence and visibility. Seriously, am I right?

It's mostly well-meaning but too generic and short-sighted. 

While there is some truth to having to put yourself and your ideas out where people can see them, the reality is this: 

You need a powerful image before you can powerfully influence!

You see, the ability to influence is actually a result of building trust. Trust is what people use to buy from you and buy into you and it's not built in one way. It's built with 5 different influence styles, using 5 other personal brand communication elements (just one of them being your appearance).

By the world's definition right now, the idea of influence has been watered down. 

The truth is, it's more than likes, followers and views - it's a responsibility to make important changes with WHO you are and WHAT you do.

The most valuable kind of influence starts with you cultivating it into yourself, preparing to stand out, and then doing it with bravery and purpose.

Unfortunately, most people don't know this, including most new-school internet marketing or visibility gurus and even online business coaches, who have no experience incorporating the authenticity of a person into every way someone sees themself and presents their best.

Without this connection, you're left just trying to do the tasks to stand out to influence instead of believing in yourself and your contribution so much you don't even need to "try" to do it. You are just who you are - and people trust it (and you) faster than ever.

If you never read anything else I've written, please read and remember this: If you are urgent to be visible so you can help, heal and lead others, craft an image that represents all the best of you.  They buy being "so you" you become the most naturally authentic influencer making a change in her own way.

I've personally instructed hundreds of women through thousands of hours of personalized, tailored training and coaching sessions over 25 years with zero of my people slipping back into thinking their contribution isn't important because I taught and rigidly enforced every one of these principles. 

This is a big part of what I mean when I say to "style your visibility." 

It works to share your best.  If you haven't taken my 90-minute workshop, check it out here. It'll be the best 90-minutes assessing if you're actually creating influence that makes a difference or if you're stuck. Let me help you get unstuck

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