The #1 Characteristic of Confident, Successful and Happy Women

personalbranding personalgrowth professional image strategic image success Oct 28, 2022

I did a lot of talkin' this month but it's the common theme that shocked me once again!

In addition to sessions and mentorship circles with my clients, I gave 7 "talks" this month. Let me break it down so you can see the theme:

the first talk was to an inner-circle coaching group of Realtors wanting to learn how to present themselves so that people want to choose them first from a sea of other Realtors;

another was on an Image-Confidence Potential call, with a lady who became my client who came to me to explore how she could capture new self-love and boldness to connect and attract her best clients without cookie-cutter visibility tactics;

the third was to a podcast host and her listeners who wanted to know the secrets of how women bearing all the pressure of life and comparison can find true purpose and share their unique voice;

the fourth was with a women who wants to change the face of the male-dominated automotive industry and inspire young women to go into the trades but know she lacks the presence and confidence she'll need to be in the room with the decision-makers, investment-makes and resources-holders;

the fifth was to yet another woman on an Image-Confidence Potential call on the road to becoming another new client who is ready to own her value so she can stand in new rooms and meet the multi-million dollars worth of investment potential waiting for her;

the sixth was a business owner client of mine who knows she needs to take a bold leadership position to improve her team.  She is introducing personal confidence development to her retail team to help them become more assertive, focused and fulfilled on the job something every business needs in an ever changing competitive market;

and the last was with a client who took my image-confidence mentorship program and, in the few short years since, has built (from scratch and against some pretty tough personal odds) a business worthy of receiving nationally recognized industry awards. 

I realized something I needed to put down for you on paper (or at least in a blog) about all of these women in different scenarios. That is something I've seen over my 25 years of helping women shift, change and become their most evolve. It's the #1 characteristic of confident, successful and happy women:

These women all have a sense of urgent personal discovery so they can get a new result in their life. They are eager to do, be, create, launch or reclaim something new, and they know that they get it best if they invest in what they know they don't know and in their self-assurance even before skills and tips.

Women who urgently seek to learn from those who can fill their confidence gap before anything else are the ones who win and succeed but who are also fulfilled beyond measure. Why? Because in the urgency to transform themselves before what they do, they:

  • Redefine their self-identity (not just a values list or a purpose statement but their living and lasting contribution to the world),
  • Mobilize their authentic expression (not just in their clothing style but how they show up and serve others in everything they do, say, show and stand for - no questions asked or second-guessing),
  • Partner with someone who sees their potential even if they can't fully see it themselves (and not just a peer group or fleeting pep-talk chat but someone who has conquered the path they dare to tread and is deeply invested in their success with them - a wayshower.)

These transformative behaviours wrapped up in the urgency to change only happen when a woman is humble enough to accept help and hopeful enough to trust a process of change.

Women urgent about getting new results with these 3 actions change their lives and the lives of others.

So now, think about your desires, wants, goals and wishes.  Think about who needs to "see you" so those can come true. Ask yourself a powerful question:


Now, put yourself in their shoes. If you saw yourself and the level of confidence you exude right now, would you choose you?  In the words of my new client, "Are you an undeniable 'yes'" in their mind or do they pass you by.....

One last question to tie this all together....

How urgent are you to get what you desire?