Use Your Voice: A Pre-Launch Reflection

aboutmichele confidence hue and style philosophy inspiration mindset podcast success Jan 28, 2019

Using your voice can be scary. “What if I’m judged. What if they don’t understand me. What if what I say isn’t important.” Are all thoughts that race anytime you want to put yourself “out there.” I know.

I remember the day opened my small-business marketing services store in my local community. I was 22. I was a tiny fish, a young pup, among what felt like giants. I stayed true to my marketing consulting services and excellence in it - offering results to my customers.

I remember the day I started my image consulting business and accepting new clients. I was scared ish-less to do a color draping and get her season wrong. I focused on honing a skill that I would come to see is a gift, not simply a talent.

I remember the day I flung the virtual doors open to my business and began offering my #HueandStyle magic globally. Talk about being scared. I was talking to the world, live about who I was, what I do and about why it’s far more than simple fashion style when everyone just wanted tips not related to strategy. I stayed true to delivering my own brand of image, and mindset coaching that over the years has created life-changing breakthroughs in my clients. They’ll tell you “it’s not just about finding the perfect top, but finding yourself while you learn to find the perfect top.” They are right.

Being scared is a necessary precursor to any success. What if I had shut down at my very first business? I wouldn’t have learned to link marketing self to image to style to confidence mindset or to the ability to serve women locally and internationally. It all started with committing to use my voice.

I’ll soon be sharing my take on my own, using my voice on my own Confidence Shift Podcast.

I’ll talk total image some, how it relates to magnetic style some, the power of personal expression that comes from personal discovery some, mindset for success some, my story and journey some and the connection between all of them lots. It’s my way to use my voice to challenge you to claim your own.

I’m sure I’ll be judged. I know many may not understand me, but I know what I have to share is life-altering and important (I’ve got the client testimonials for it), and so I commit to using my voice creatively and courageously anchored by rock-solid confidence I renew every day I get dressed. That’s my way. It works. It changes lives and if a tiny piece of what I share helps one woman shift how she thinks about herself, and the things she thinks she knows, I’m happy.

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