What Your Best Style Needs For It To Last

body image change+transition confidence fashion hue and style philosophy Aug 05, 2022

My Google photos brought up the picture on the left from 9 years ago.

It caught me off guard. I was shocked because I had just taken the picture on the right a few days earlier.

I couldn't help but stop and pause to find the meaning. (If you know me well, you know this is a classic MCG trait.)

I thought about where I was nine years ago:

I was going full steam with Hue and Style® services in my local city, focusing on a woman's clothing style, the pieces, the fashion, doing personal shopping and color draping at my kitchen table. My clients were finding clothes for their changing bodies and lifestyles, but I couldn't see what I would learn next.

Then, I compared that to today - 9 years later.

Hue and Style® has become more than a styling business. It's become a way to help women style their lives with confidence. You see, what I didn't know I would learn in that picture on the left that I know now with 💯 certainly is that:

Your best style cannot be only about your style of clothes if you want your confidence to last.

Your best style needs to come from the renewal of your confidence first.

Here's how I found this out:

Shortly after I took that picture, I saw a trend in my clients. They were happy leaving my house with their palette of colors or armed with their 16 measurements and proportions that would create ultimate body love and fit, but I noticed their confidence didn't last.

These powerful women struggled with the changes and transitions of life as their kids grew up, their relationships changed or dissolved, they went through health challenges and everything that the fabric of life weaves.

Soon after this picture, I would start combining what I was teaching them to do with their clothes with what it took to style their lives.

The clients I welcomed into my new advanced, mentorship-based community from all over the world began to thrive in bigger, bolder, more fulfilling ways to build businesses, families, and careers but also to handle the things in life that throw us off - grief, divorces, leavings and letting go. They had the tools to be their most confident selves through it all.

You can’t get those skills just buying a shirt  (even if you buy it in the right color) not can you get it from a subscript box or shopping service (no matter how much they promise confidence in a box).

Only you can learn and apply the science and skill of true confidence. 

As I look at these two pictures, I want to share three pieces of wisdom for you about your closet and confidence.

  • Your clothing needs to carry intentional symbolism for it to affect your confidence.
    (Clothing companies won't give you that symbolism, only you can attach it yourself)
  • You can't copy someone else's style and expect to feel like yourself in it.
    (All those blogs and outfit-of-the-day posts you follow are most likely keeping you from actually discovering your own style.)
  • The best way to find your evolved personal style is to discover your confident style of life and then learn to translate that into a visual representation of your vitality. (This is an art, science and psychology you can learn and a superpower when you do.)

After seeing and pausing on these photos, I felt immense pride for showing up with my purpose and what I've taught my Hue and Style® Elite Clients—especially knowing that no matter what, in 9 more years, they'll still be living, thriving and showing up as their best; heart and mind, head to toe.