Why Your Clothing & Confidence Cannot Be Separated [PODCAST]

confidence fashion mindset professional image strategic image Mar 30, 2021

It might be a wild idea for you! The unmistakable connection between your clothing and your confidence and that one is not separate from the other. If you want to boost your power, influence and presence, getting this connection dialed in gives you a superpower to be not only the best version of yourself but a trailblazer & change-maker in any industry, at any level who owns their confidence beyond their resume with unshakable certainty. Who doesn't need or want that?
❝I want you to feel the power every day you get up and dressed because when you present yourself with that much intention, you are communicating to yourself and to others compassion, creativity, clarity, purpose and, yeah, they're all for yourself but also when you do that for yourself, you are able to have the capacity to access it to give it to others. And that is how you change yourself, you change others, you change our communities, we change our worlds. Yes. All by changing the way - the way - you get dressed.❞ ~ 𝕄ℂ𝔾

Explore the most liberating image, confidence and success journey.

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