Find Your Best Style & Become A Walking Commercial For Your Business

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"I'm not the type to want to stand out so people say something."

‼️If you've ever had a similar type of thought, keep reading:

My client literally said this to me when she felt "too dressed up" going to pick up her kids at school. 

She was like, "I don't know about being that crazy lady in the pick-up line wearing leather pants and my Teal blazer. I feel like people were talking about me."

"And?" I quizzed with the smirk of a mentor who knows more.

I went on to tell her that business owners are so focused on having to go on social media to get "mentioned" and "seen" but forget that their everyday image can be a commercial for them to help them build trust and reputation with their future customers.

"And, it feels weird to be seen," she said.

Then I went in (lovingly).

"You are a walking commercial for who you are and what you do. When you've crafted that Hue and Style® amazing outfit, people are GOING to see you. They are GOING to say something. And what they will also say from one mom to another is, 'She owns that amazing jewelry store in town." 

Your name and YOUR business name just crossed their lips. That's a commercial for you!"

I looked at her face. It was like dawn happened in her eyes, and she realized the power of a real head-to-toe personal brand image strategy again.

"You're right -- again." She said. "I remember what you taught me. I've got my tools."

I said, "You do. Lucky you. Keep using them and enjoy your new customers!"

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