The 5 Influencing Superpowers Of Color

color fashion firstimpressions hue and style philosophy professional image strategic image style Nov 12, 2020
Today, my clients learn how to influence others using color. Best. Day. Ever.⁣
I bet you didn’t know that color can influence others in one of 5 different ways. (Yes, 5)⁣
My favorite one of the five is the influencing ability to negotiate. (Yes, it can help you do that.)⁣
We negotiate everything in our lives, and anything you want that is new in your life requires you to negotiate somehow. ⁣
It helps if you have the ability to negotiating well so that those involved feel the win-win. This is a skill of confidence you use for business, career advancement and relationships - everything.⁣
Color can help you turn on your self-assuredness switch to be an assertive negotiator- to show up for your views - while it makes an impression of openness and presence on another.⁣
And, the four other influencing behaviours (connecting, bridging, persuading, asserting) become a superpower for you too when you know and develop your savvy to activate the right hues from your palette of personalized Hue and Style® colors. Also, it’s so fun to get dressed, takes years off and improves self-image.⁣
Did you even know the right colors made that much of a difference? ⁣(It does.) 😉✌🏾 See what it does for change-makers just like you
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