The 5 Influencing Superpowers Of Color

Today, my clients learn how to influence others using color. Best. Day. Ever.⁣
I bet you didn’t know that color can influence others in one of 5 different ways. (Yes, 5)⁣
My favorite one of the five is the influencing ability to negotiate. (Yes, it can help you do that.)⁣
We negotiate everything in our lives, and anything you want that is new in your life requires you to negotiate somehow. ⁣
It helps if you have the ability to negotiating well so that those involved feel the win-win. This is a skill of confidence you use for business, career advancement and relationships - everything.⁣
Color can help you turn on your self-assuredness switch to be an assertive negotiator- to show up for your views - while it makes an impression of openness and presence on another.⁣
And, the four other influencing behaviours (connecting, bridging, persuading, asserting) become a superpower for you too when you know and develop your savvy to activate the right hues from your palette of personalized Hue and Style® colors. Also, it’s so fun to get dressed, takes years off and improves self-image.⁣
Did you even know the right colors made that much of a difference? ⁣(It does.) 😉✌🏾 See what it does for change-makers just like you
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View this post on Instagram

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