Why Confidence Comes Before Success | LIVE REPLAY

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My daughter has been playing piano for the last 6 years, and every spring, she performs a recital piece that she's worked on over the year. This year, like last, was different.  No recital, so instead, The Hubbs and I got cozy on our family room couches, and she did a "home recital."  

At first, she was a little self-conscious to play to a room of two (ok, three if you count our cat, Mikko), and it showed as she tried to start playing.  Her warm-up song was a technical piece that she fought her way through, plunking in incorrect notes, ignoring timing and stopping several times to regroup. She finally got to the end, and I could see her shoulders deflate over the keys.  She didn't even want to look over at us.

I prompted her, "Ok, shake it off.  Play your favorite one." Her shoulders rose with a snap. She turned and presented the two sheets of music like Vana White on Wheel of Fortune and announced proudly that it was "Unfinished Frescos" - a song from her favorite video game. 

She turned to the keys and began.

In the 2 minutes and 30 seconds that followed, I listened to a piece that told a story of discovery, mystery and hope through her notes, dynamics and accents.  I listened to what was delicate and what she meant to emphasize, and by the end, I had a tear in my eye that I couldn't hide. 

She turned to us with a smile that wiped away all doubt about her ability.

I said, "You have the incredible gift of being able to tell a story with your music when it is important to you." She smiled with confidence.

Here's why I'm sharing this story...

What my B felt as that smile of self-assurance crossed her face is what we all need to know we are capable of creating when we need it - belief in our gifts when something is important to us. When we can do it over and over again, we are able to ignite a feeling, emotion or action in another - and that ability changes lives no matter what you do as a business, career, hobby or passion.

My kid reaffirmed this lesson for me this week, and it's why I wanted to come to my Facebook page with a live video today to expand on it - that your vision, your self-worth and self-image have got to be connected.

It just so happens this lesson is perfect timing for me to invite you to a new series I'm doing for my email community on 12 principles that took my girl from a song that was rough to playing a piece representing her magic that she spread to us. These 12 principles bring together what I taught on my live broadcast.

You can watch the replay here. 

And they are the fundaments I teach my clients to master.

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