Image Works For Business

Experience you how improving your team's image will boost your business' bottom line.

Image. Is it really that important for your business' growth?

As a business owner, team leader or manager, you are in business to make sales, sign contracts and make a profit, right?

All of these have one thing in common. 

You need to get and keep customers. 

Customers, clients & partnerships need to say “yes” to your products and services consistently.

Do you know the one, singular, universal and the most critical reason why any potential customers & clients choose to buy?


People need to know you, like you, and trust you to offer them a solution.

People arriving to and interacting with your business will begin judging if your business, staff or team can provide that solution staring within a 3-second first impression.

Did you know that this first impression is 93% based on appearance and then is quickly followed up by 11 critical judgments about you and your business originating from your team's customer service behaviour and communication?

You haven’t even shown them that you can do the work, solve the problem or treat them with care.

Does "Image" matter to you, now?

If you have a business, a team, staff or associates, improving your business’ image through APPEARANCE, BEHAVIOUR & COMMUNICATION strategies boost your new customer’s ability to know, like and trust you so they can begin working with you.

Not only does making image a priority boost your team’s confidence to perform at a higher level, but it also translates into profit through stronger customer service and retention.

Accelerate Your Business' Image

The Image Works For Business Workshop

60 - 120  MINUTES

This professional image workshop focuses on creating a professional image for increased sales and world-class customer service. Topics include professional polish, wardrobe strategy and communication techniques.

Session length can be tailored to objective and desired outcomes. Workshop can be delivered in-person for local business or virtually as a webinar via videoconference.

As an  employer, this workshop can be an opportunity to open non-threatening, leadership-driven personal development and confidence-building management style conversations around:

  • Instituting or enforcing a new dress code.
  • Existing personal confidence barriers that are contributing to performance issues.
  • Customer service deficiencies needing to be corrected, or
  • General employee wellness and personal confidence.


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As a Certified Business Image Consultant & Image Marketing Expert, I partner with business owners and managers to help their business teams understand the importance of professional image and personal branding including:

  • The connection between strategic image, increased performance and higher pay-checks and profit.
  • The power of first impressions for relationship selling.
  • The essential elements of professional appearance in clothing & grooming.
  • The importance of non-verbal communication and body language.
  • The nuances of delivering world-class customer service communication on the phone and in-person.
  • The discovery of personal strengths & how they relate to customer service & team performance.

Imagine what happens when you spark new in your people with a proven process.

Let's Optimize Your Business' Impression?

Boost your business’ “Know-Like-Trust” Factor, increase personal confidence within your team members, and welcome an Image Expert onto your roster of professional advisors, book a Discovery Session and receive more details in your inbox about me and my workshops.

We can explore designing an Image program for your business that helps every customer want to work with you right from the start.