Get Fitted For Confidence | A Porsche Experience

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It was in 2022 that Porsche Centre Saskatchewan selected me as their Drive Defines Her campaign feature. They captured my passion for what I do and why it matches the Porsche spirit using an emotional and inspirational 2:20-minute video. It was an exhilarating experience.

Needless to say, when I got the call asking how I could bring that MCG-style passion and my "Dress In Confidence, Show Up Confident" message to an intimate, private client event, I was thrilled to plan with them how to make "Get Fitted For Confidence" a reality. 


And a magical evening reality it became! 

The women learned together, laughed together and shared the commonalities we as women share: how change changes the way we see ourselves - inside and out, and why trying to balance our self-expression and self-care is forever challenging.

But I shared a light in the fog of all of those pressures. I taught them the deeper meaning behind what they wear and why using the science and psychology of dressing cracks the code of losing confidence during transitions. Instead, it can set a woman up to change her mood, motivation and performance with absolute, crystal-clear intention. 

Then, I showed them how it's possible to put that intention into how they choose their dream car - yes, that's right - a vehicle is a form of self-expression, and in my world, that means it can be Hue And Style'd. I showed them colors and shared meanings behind the hues, talked about my own design of my Porsche and why it's a complete expression of me, my life and my flair. They were amazed at the connection. I could see it in their eyes.

I took our guests inside these highlights with this keynote:

The Top 4 Little-Known Shifts To Make For Any Woman To Get Fitted For Confidence In Your Closet & Your Life
  1. Identify Your Top 5 Values (like they are your middle name)
  2. Clarify The Message Of Your Self-Expression (from colors to the personal style message you want to convey)
  3. Learn How To Turn Your Vales & Message Into Dressing Symbolism (that's the science and psychology part, which turns just putting on clothes to putting on confidence when you put on your clothes)
  4. Give Yourself Grace And Patience To Learn The Skill Of Image-Confidence (it's okay to ask for help since just because you are a woman doesn't mean you just know how - it's a skill like riding a bike!) 

The evening finished with one lucky lady winning a 1:1 session with me, followed by a book signing of Show Up Confident, Champagne, dessert and wonderfully insightful questions and conversations about color, clothes, confidence and cars!

Did I already say it was magical? It was.


Thank you to the very talented Donovan Wagner for capturing the evening with these photos and video.


It was my absolute pleasure to bring all of our guests and evening of learning, growth and inspiration!