Journey To Empowering Confidence with Stacè [PODCAST]

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Stacè is a powerful force and champion for women to be seen and heard with ultimate authenticity. She came to me urgent and ready to create the kind of energetic alignment between her passion to serve women and every way the world experienced her essence. 
She had done some typical style programs before but after experience and practice Hue and Style®'s repeatable process of daily image intention and renew, her voice, value and vision amplified!
She is a woman for all women and is ready to share why getting dressed to see the woman she is becoming is a vital tool in her abundance-creating toolkit.
In this engaging and electric chat, Stacè shares:
  • Her own story of feeling invisible and why it is critical for women (and women of color especially) to invest in connecting their contribution to the way they present their image with authenticity.
  • Why as a coach of women she continues to commit to intentional dressing practice that helps her serve her clients at a higher level.
  • How she uses her Hue and Style® personal palette of colors to "spin the wheel" of intention that brings boldness to her personal brand visibility. brand image definition and self-expression like a billboard that attracts her ideal clients, and
  • Why women need to say "yes" to themselves first and invest in support to fill their self-doubt gaps if they have a dream of influencing their families and communities. 
If Stacè's story has moved you, discover your next steps. Click here to take the workshop that started Stacè's journey>>
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