Journey To Success-Boosting Confidence with Harpreet [PODCAST]

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Harpreet is an award-winning professional real estate professional who despite her career excellence and achievements experienced a season of self-doubt. When she came to me, she wanted to snap out of a rut and get back to giving her clients her best and being the best example of a woman's confidence for her daughter.
That was years ago. 
Since adding and living a Hue and Style® image, personal development and mindset growth lifestyle, she has created:
  • wider-reaching business connections leading to new opportunities
  • more visibility and impact in her community
  • deeper connection with her personal relationships, and
  • lasting, true love of herself.
This interview and finale episode celebrates the one-year release anniversary of my Amazon Best-seller, Show Up Confident. Harpreet is a featured story in Chapter 6 of the book and has always been an enthusiastic and vocal "Champion" of my philosophy to "Dress In Confidence" that permanently crushes aimless shopping, style comparison and the crippling fashion-only myths replacing all of that with magnetic self-belief and captivating self-presentation that fuels success.
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