Ready to create a vision for your life that is unapologetically true to who you are and what you want? Here’s where you start! Show up and put your beautiful potential to work!


What would happen if you could change your confidence starting tomorrow morning?

Life's short, and your contribution is too significant not to show up.  You can't let all that beautiful potential fade!

This book is for you if you have ever felt stuck, frustrated, aimless or paralyzed by self-doubt after any change. With bite-sized, yet powerful, pieces of perspective on how to renew and prepare for your next step in life, Show Up Confident, is a boost of personal growth clarity that will kickstart your inner-strength and hope.

Certified Image Consultant & Certified Master Life Coach, personal branding expert and success mentor, Michele Charles Gustafson is your "Confidence Stylist" and guide to show you why showing up for your life starts with showing up for yourself, teaching you how to find in your closet the hang-ups holding you back and shift into new resilience that prepares your confidence for every day - even if you don't know where to begin.

Michele is your no-nonsense, truth-speaking "friend in your head" who helps you see yourself in a whole new way. She refuses to let you linger in self-doubt because she knows that the key to activating your greatest potential, making your mark, and living a blissful, purpose-filled life, lies in finding a renewed, energized and evolved version of yourself. 

The euphoric and magic truth is that there is power in you just under the surface (and under those clothes you're wearing right now)!

Whether you’ve recently gone through a big change or transition in your life, or you find yourself hiding from life afraid to leave your comfort zone, personal branding expert, successful online entrepreneur, and award-winning confidence mentor, Michele, will motivate you to take charge of your resilience, courage and actions. Along with personal stories, raw truth and practical journalling exercises you can start today, in Show Up Confident, you will find:

  • How to develop strong resilience with a lifetime skill for seeing lessons in every challenge.
  • Michele’s three fundamentals that unlock new inner-strength through any transition.
  • The remarkable reason your style of dressing connects to your ability to take courageous action.
  • How to easily see if how you dress is keeping you hidden from opportunities and success.
  • The way to know if your relationships are supporting and supercharging your new surge of confidence.
  • Links to a companion journal I created to help you pull it all together.

This is your warm invitation to remember who you are so that for the rest of your life and your legacy, you up confident.

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Meet the Author

Michele is a self-described "color-obsessed confidence activator" who has spent almost 30 years helping women grow inside so they can shine outside. 

She's helped thousands own their value, raise their voice and be more visible to make their dreams come true. 

From people-pleasing, burn-out and depression to self-acceptance, abundance and peace, she uses her journey, one-of-a-kind process and client success-proven tools to help women, crush self-doubt and find freedom to live a life of permanently renewable self-belief.

When she's not mentoring her international roster of clients each month, showing up on live broadcasts and podcasts, giving virtual workshops and on-stagekeynotes, or appearing as a repeat guest expert on CTV Your Morning, Canada's leading morning show, Michele is a wife, mom, and director of her "Gustafson Trio" living in Northern Alberta, Canada -- where it can get up to +40C in the summer and down to -40C in the winter. 

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Here's What Readers Are Saying:

“I hope the women who read this will realize they can and should use this book to dig deeper into their “SELF” and actually see clearly beyond their daily routines to what they have to offer to those around them, and how they can quietly, graciously, and effectively change the lives of those around them.”

Vivian, Executive Director, Non-Profit Organization

“Showing up and being confident are not mutually inclusive. Each requires self reflection and honesty. Both are like muscles, that require proper daily exercise for the truest benefits.
Michele does most of the heavy lifting for you by giving you all the tools you will ever need (and why they work with proof to back it up) to be the best person you DESERVE to be.
Do your homework earnestly and you too will Show Up Confident! Guaranteed.You have an obligation to yourself to be the best you can be and lift others around you to do the same. Are you up for the challenge? I know I am. Who’s with me?"

Ken, Business Consultant & Performance Coach


I don't believe in coincidences.

You are here for a reason.

You made it all the way down here for a reason.

You’re here because you know deep down that it's your time to shine.

What if one small shift in confidence made you feel powerful to put your hat in the ring?

What if one small shift in confidence lead to being chosen for something you always wanted?

What if one small shift in confidence led you to the biggest opportunity of your life?

What if one small shift gave you the power to own your greatness and ability to


Would that shift in confidence be worth it to you?
It starts with one tiny step right now. And I mean tiny.
What do you have to lose?
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What would happen if you could change your confidence by seeing yourself differently in the mirror?