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Magic Confidence

The Blog by Michele Charles Gustafson

How To Succeed At Any Personal Growth Journey

We’re all in this life to grow. Humans long to be better, get better, and live better that’s growth. Personal growth is what each of us wants to know that we’re improving, and there are all sorts of ways to get it. The world is loud about it, and the self-improvement industry has become a $10 billion industry. Coaches, consultants, courses, certifications are all ways to...

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3 Style Resolutions To Make This New Year

 It’s New Year’s resolution time! Are you ready?

Whether you choose to make resolutions or you hate the idea, there is one upside to the exercise that is undeniable. You are offering yourself a chance to take new action, to get better and to be better. As an Image Consultant and Confidence Coach, I always think that’s a great idea. Plus, you can maximize your new year...

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