Summer Self-Care Starts With Passion & Growth | Collaboration

When the ladies at Passion and Growth shared that the theme for their July subscription box was "Confidence," you know I couldn't resist but jump in with both feet!

Passion and Growth is a monthly treat box of self-care goodies all themed to help you take a minute or two for yourself and focus on what is really important to you in your life.

To me, 

"Passion" is about owning your...

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Collaboration: IMAN Cosmetics x Hue And Style

I was so excited when IMAN Cosmetics reached out to me to share my message encouraging women to #GetUpAndDressed especially in times of CoVid-19 uncertainty.

They shared my image boosters for a little more power, productivity, and presence to their over 400,000 fans and followers.

I am grateful and humbled to work with such a brand that wants to empower women to keep showing...

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