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3 Helpful Ways To Move Through Your Feelings Right Now

[Orginally published on Thrive Global]

I read an article today that said the discomfort we're all feeling right now is grief. *Intrigued* I dove into the piece that shared our collective feelings of loss of certainty have us all going through the stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, sadness and finally acceptance.

I compared the feelings I've had over the last couple of weeks to the...

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Your Are Being Prepared For A Success You Can't Yet See

I shared this in an Instagram post a short few hours after I did this Facebook Live broadcast that, I have to say, was the one I am most proud of in my almost 5-year live-broadcasting history.

My intention was to share how to be more productive and confident starting with how you get dressed.  It turned into something more.

It turned emotional - not for myself but for hope for you - about...

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Be Well Right Now

I thought I had nothing to say during this time of uncertainty and unrest when I hit record but it turns out I always have something to say. It’s simple and imperfect but from my heart. I hope it helps you see an opportunity to see yourself differently now that will be a superpower later - after all this is over.
Finding meaning in the craziness comes in a certain way....
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When The World Is Loud, Create Your Own Peace

inspiration mindset quotes Mar 15, 2020

Peace means different things to everyone but there is one thing that is true for all of us, we all get overwhelmed.

The causes may be different, the circumstances may be varied but we ALL have times of overwhelm. That’s when the world seems to get loud. Have you noticed it? When you do, find your peace. Not always a place of quiet but always a place of joy.

I shoveled freshly fallen...

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Finding Confidence Through The Fear of Uncertainty

confidence mindset Mar 13, 2020

There’s a lot going on. (Do I need to mention Covid 19?)  I know. We are all in uncertainty and that’s the place that Fear likes to peek up, and in some cases, run out waving its arms - like those Wacky Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Men - to get your attention.

I like to put Fear in its place and deflate it when I can. Here’s my go-to list in an uncertain situation:


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How To Love Talking About What You Do

What happens when someone asks, “Tell me what you do?” Your mindset around how you will be judged is a huge indicator of whether you answer the question with confidence that builds connection or if you freeze and find yourself hiding with what you do. Listen as Michele shares how to see what you do as more than an elevator speech or pitch but as an expression of the inner...
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Women Change The World With Their Confidence


:: By Michele Charles Gustafson ::

When women have the sureness of self, we can do anything.
We say “yes” when they want to.
We say “no” when they need to.
We give when we can’t.
We give more when we can.
We stand up when we are compelled.
We sit down when we are ready.
Our words speak.
Our works speak louder....

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Connect With Those Who See Your Light And Celebrate Your Flame

mindset quotes selflove Mar 05, 2020

"Connect with those who see your light and celebrate your flame."

Many may see your light but not all will celebrate your flame.

[Pause on that.]

Connect with those who not only ‘see you’ but champion you. Cherish them. Share this with them if you like and let them know you appreciate them in your life. It never hurts to share your gratitude. There is power in it.

To your...

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Hunters Not Gatherers with Sabine & Lisa | Podcast Interview

It was an honor to be a guest on my new fellow podcaster's show. Sabine and Lisa are warm, down-to-earth, real women who are genuinely interested in helping women hear unique stories of other women and their journeys in life.

In my episode, we talked about my origin story and of course my "dress in confidence" philosophy that I see as my mission to share with women as a better way to...

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Confidence is Self-Love in Action

mindset quotes selflove Feb 14, 2020

"Confidence is self-love in action."

Whether you are aware or not, you are serving someone - every day with every choice you make. No matter what your role. Are you intentional about who that is and what you offer them?

I've experienced that when we get very clear about what Magic we bring to those we serve AND use it, everything falls into place - we no longer question ourselves or our...

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