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Confidence Shift

The Blog by Michele Charles Gustafson

Traveling Hue And Style

life+style travel Apr 21, 2018

I've got to get a week’s worth of work 'n' play wardrobe in this little baby as I get ready to travel to sunny south Florida to visit and celebrate with a few of my international clients. 

Not only do I get to have a Hue+Style Sisterhood meet-up with them but I am also honored to speak at my dear clients' women's empowerment event as she launches her brand new coaching business.
She tells me whenever she can that my process and mentorship that began almost 2 years ago was the catalyst to her having the confidence to leave things in her life behind and instead embrace her passions that would eventually become her new business.  She tells me as often as she can, "Michele it all started with you."
This warms my heart.
So now as I am working the Hue and Style principles I teach my clients on how to efficiently build (and then pack) a wardrobe that speaks about your strengths and lends to the confidence you need to build your dreams,  I glow...
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[Featured Article] Your Image Is Your Silent Business Partner

featured in news+media Apr 02, 2018

I’m a featured contributor in Bloom Co. Magazine's Spring Issue, themed {Growth}! Alongside other amazing female entrepreneurs and experts, we shared what it really takes to GROW a business of your dreams! I talked about what I know best and why your Your Image Is Your Silent Business Partner and needs an investment just like any other aspect of your business.

Start flipping below (article starts on Page 33) or download your FREE {Growth} issue here >> www.bloommag.co/magazine/.


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Who's The Lady? : A Re-introduction

Sometimes we get down deep in what we do and who we do it for, that we forget many people may be "meeting" us for the first time on social media or on our website.  

Since I teach my clients how to create a total image with their personal brand, I know it's so important to every now and then re-introduce yourself to the new eyes who are seeing you in the wide world of the internet.

This can be done with a new profile picture, a refreshed bio or even a full post dedicated to sharing what you do for those you serve - with a little bit of personality sprinkled in.

I recently posted an introduction on my Instagram and thought I would post it here too.  Nice to meet you if we haven't met yet - and if we have, I'm happy to catch up with you, Gal!

I’m late on #FridayIntroductions but I’m an Aquarius so I can play by my own rules! So for all who have joined me, welcome! My name is Michele - yes, with one "L".

One of my clients described me as "a life coach who...

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Knowing What To Call Your Personal Style Isn't Enough

fashion style Feb 01, 2018

You know it. Great. The buzz words - “preppy,” “classic,” “trendy,” “sophisticated” - those kinds of buzz words that the style world is but on...

Now, what do you do with it? What does it really mean? Why does it matter?

What you don’t know is that while there are a roster of positive presence-building qualities that go with a personal style story, the ones that actually work against you are the disconnecting ones you don’t realize you are sending... you’re just trying to get dressed and feel good about how you look - you think.

Lady, we all have insecurities. And what you don’t realize is that by default without knowing, you are portraying those self-doubt characteristics in how you dress

Some of you look intimidating to your audience, others can’t seem to command presence for people to take you seriously.

So how do you dress in a way that communicates the best parts of you and not turn people off or are...

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Find Your Style By Doing This!

fashion style Jan 15, 2018

Recently, I was in a breakthrough session with a lady and she admitted to me that 25% of the few hundred she follows on Instagram are fashionistas, fashion bloggers or stylists. She giggled and said, “I follow you too, Michele.”

I smiled through the phone and asked her, “Lady, can you tell me the top 3 things you’ve learned from them about how to create your own style?”

She paused. “Well, no,” she said, “I just look at their posts for inspiration.”

“I see,” I said, “In that case, can you tell me what specific inspirations you’ve learned about your own body, color palette and message you’ve learned from them?”

A longer pause.

“Well…..no,” she answered with disappointment in her voice.

I know, Ladies. I used to be where you are - except back when I was frustrated with my body, confused about where to shop, and hating my entire closet, there wasn’t a whole internet full of...

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2017: The Year Of Detachment

confidence inspiration Dec 29, 2017

Sometimes you have to let go of the old. Old beliefs about yourself, who you think you should be, who you think you want to be, who you think you serve, who you think you are supposed to be to serve them, who you see is supporting you who and who you are to everyone around you.

Sometimes you have to let go to let more in.

I did just that this year - Detachment. And while the word sounds cold or lonely, it really isn’t. It’s self-loving-kindness at its core and it’s Faith in action because to practice true Detachment, you have to believe that “it’s all working for your good” no matter what you see with your eyes.

Detachment will show your true gifts. It will whisper how to use them. It allows you to go within and find a value you didn’t know you had. It let you be vulnerable with yourself and reveals those who are safety nets for your vulnerable state too. It helps you to grow courage - to practice bravery in the face of fear - because you...

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What a joy it was to be the opening speaker at the Ignite Girls Conference this morning in my city.

The room was filled with 14 and 15-year-old girls learning more about themselves and how to create a community with each other.

I took them on a journey of giving themselves permission to be #InstagramUnworthy.

We discovered how they could begin diving into learning and loving their own gifts and talents and the letting go of any social media that doesn’t support who they are becoming.

I watched their faces change (some with horror) as I revealed to them the influence their "feed" is having on them learning to build their own self-esteem and confidence.

It was amazing. Their questions after my talk were insightful, revealing and touching. These girls get it and will never look at their IG feed the same way.

It was a powerful message to begin their day at their conference.

And as always, no "Michele-style-keynote" is complete without "homework"  They got some me and...

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Be "Too Much" For Others To Handle

confidence Nov 06, 2017

One thing I hear from women when I talk to them about creating an image that helps them stand out is…”I just don’t want to come off as TOO MUCH.”

I get it. We’ve been told somewhere along the line…
“No one likes a show-off.”
“Don’t be boastful.”
“You’re not more special than anyone else.”

I beg to differ - actually….

Who are you NOT to show up as the best version of yourself?
Who are you NOT to celebrate your successes and use those past successes to create your future by helping others?
Who are you NOT to see yourself - not as more special than anyone else - but as completely unique and in that uniqueness is a value needing to be showcased?

It’s all a question of perspective.

Your image. How you see your self through the mirror everyday sets your perspective to create success. It influences:

  • How you feel about yourself deep down - Do you feel worthy of success?
    How you feel about your best...
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Retail Therapy Is NOT Therapy

shopping Oct 17, 2017

“Change how you dress and you’ll change how you feel.” How many times have you heard it? But you’re thinking, “Seriously? Is it that big of a deal?”

Many of you may not know that I began my image consultancy and mentorship business because after coming through a 9-month bout of depression, I used the process I take my clients through today to re-discover myself, my personal joy, my appreciation for my body, my life and my own definition of success. It saved me.

While many of you wish you could find a renewed confidence like me and you’ll want to do some “retail therapy” and hope it helps. I’ll tell you, looking at just finding a new blouse will not heal the root of what is keeping you stuck and sad. And don’t let the clothing manufacturers tell you it will. It won’t.

Begin with uncovering where your insecurity lives. Dispel it and then transform it. It’s the only way to true, permanent, sustainable and...

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Conquer Body Image Demons With Image Confidence

body image confidence Jul 31, 2017

Here I am paddle boarding this past weekend. I just got home and posted this reflection on my Instagram. I hope it offers you inspiration, Gals! 

"I wanted to tell you that you look so awesome in your bikini!" For me, who has been plagued with past body image demons, depression because of it and conquered that crippling negative voice, this kind of compliment still catches me off guard.

I've made it my work to help other women conquer the limiting beliefs that crush their confidence by connecting them to a new self-acceptance with their body, their image, and their personal power. The major reason I can do it and transform others with life-altering results is that I was there myself.

When I learned to explore every inch, every measurement and every proportion of my body and then how to dress it in flattering balance and perfectly aligned personal expression, the self-acceptance I created in myself brought me back from the brink.

Many see me a someone who could never have...

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