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5 Simple & Powerful Ways to Maximize Your First Impression

 Learning to become confident in the image you portray to others is easier when you have a fantastic role model. My Dad, Dr. Gerald Sonson Charles Jr., was my example. He was a significant reason why I do what I do today.  He was the sharpest dresser and the first one to teach me the importance of a great first impression, how your image connects to a mindset that creates success and how your presentation teaches others how to treat you.
In honor of my Dad,  I'm sharing with you HIS "be sharp as a tack" image advice:
1. "It’s better to be an hour early than a minute late."  Arriving on time shows respect for others. They will instantly take you more seriously.  Arrive appropriately early, around the 10-minute mark. Earlier than that and you may be intruding on your hosts' time causing an impression that works against you.
2. "Don’t wear home clothes in town."  You are a walking billboard...
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2018 EmpowHer Mentorship Scholarship Recipient


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The Top 2 Elements of A First Impression

Ninety-three percent of your first impression is built on your appearance. That means people are judging you and you haven’t even said a word.  It’s not fair but it’s true.

These are the two elements people notice first in your appearance:
:: YOUR FACE - Your features, the center of your face, your eyes and the gesture of your mouth (your smile). Then the hair that frames your face.
:: YOUR FIT - How your clothing “hangs” on your body; if it’s well-groomed, is not-too-tight or too-baggy.  If it is in good repair which tells them about how much you care for yourself.
These two elements will communicate to a new customer, client or relationship if you would care about them; if they should trust you to do business or if they believe that you “know your stuff."
First impressions can make or cost you money as a business or as an entrepreneur or even an individual wanting to stand out and develop their...
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Makeup Hack: Save Your Face & Your Image

makeup tips Jul 26, 2018

You have to know from me by now that the #1 thing people notice about your image is YOUR FACE!

So...keeping it "well kept" by cleaning your makeup brushes (every 2 weeks if you can) is a must! Here's a fun hack for you. Use Dawn dish detergent for the "wash" cycle in your brush care.

It cuts the grease that is the oil from your skin and strips all that bacteria harboring 'goo' off your the bristles of your brush - especially if they are natural hair. Many of you may not know that I was a skin care professional and makeup artist for 15 years - I always used Dawn to clean my brushes and have had some for those same brushes for the same length of time. It's tried and tested.

Save your skin from bacteria, save your complexion from breakouts. EVERYBODY go wash your brushes this weekend and report down below how it went for ya inside the Art of Dressing In Confidence for Success community on Facebook! You can even post your own hack!


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The Gift of Resiliancy

aboutmichele confidence Jul 05, 2018

Some call it Grit.  I call it Resiliency. It’s the ability to bounce back and I think one of the most valuable qualities anyone can own.  It comes from experience.  You can’t fake it.

My resiliency comes from 3 experiences in my life:

  • Moving 2500km from home at 18 to go to university. I knew no one and had no idea how I was going to get my 2 suitcases and 1 cargo trunk to my dorm room when I arrived.  I figured it out.
  • My Dad’s passing when I was 24. He was teaching me about business and success. I wasn’t finished learning from him.  I found I had learned more than enough.
  • 100%-commission work. Selling a product, an opportunity and piece of mind taught me to see other’s needs and match my solution to them. I learned to not dwell on a “no” because a “yes” would be right behind it.

Each of these has taught me exactly what I need to know to be a leader to others at this moment in my life.  They...

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How To Avoid Wardrobe Mistakes & Wasted Money

fashion shopping style May 23, 2018

Listen, Gal. Not even I get it exactly right every time. But my wardrobe missteps are 1 in 20 garments I purchase. Not 20 out of 20.

Case in point: I bought this top. Loved the cut, the color was right, the flowers I thought were Dramatic enough for me, but when I got it, I took it on and off a few times - never actually wearing it out. (A tried and true symptom of a misaligned wardrobe purchase.)

I couldn’t figure out why I didn’t want to wear it and finally, it hit me today. It’s “too sweet” too much in the Romantic’s style story and not enough in own dominant or secondary style profiles.

Solution? I choose two items that ALWAYS get me where my outfits communicate who I am: First, my favorite pair of wayfarer sunnies, and second, a moto jacket.

BOOM! Now, it’s me. All me.

Here’s what you need to know, Gal, every item you choose, purchase and wear is speaking to you, for you and about you. You have the power to have every piece...

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[Featured Podcast] Women+Style Episode With Alexandra Sampson of SheTime

fashion featured in style Apr 26, 2018

Thank you The SheFirst Project for having me on the SheTime Podcast to talk about the truth of Women & Style.

I was delighted to be featured in this episode where host Alexandra Sampson sits down with me to discuss:

  • Image vs. Style
  • The correlation between life transitions, redefining yourself, and what you project.
  • The things women must first tackle to develop image strategy and confidently project themselves.
  • The power and psychology of color, and using color to express what you want to say.
  • My current self-care routines.

With my own brand "tell it like it is," I listen to the entire interview by clicking my quote below or HERE.

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Traveling Hue And Style

life+style travel Apr 21, 2018

I've got to get a week’s worth of work 'n' play wardrobe in this little baby as I get ready to travel to sunny south Florida to visit and celebrate with a few of my international clients. 

Not only do I get to have a Hue+Style Sisterhood meet-up with them but I am also honored to speak at my dear clients' women's empowerment event as she launches her brand new coaching business.
She tells me whenever she can that my process and mentorship that began almost 2 years ago was the catalyst to her having the confidence to leave things in her life behind and instead embrace her passions that would eventually become her new business.  She tells me as often as she can, "Michele it all started with you."
This warms my heart.
So now as I am working the Hue and Style principles I teach my clients on how to efficiently build (and then pack) a wardrobe that speaks about your strengths and lends to the confidence you need to build your dreams,  I glow...
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[Featured Article] Your Image Is Your Silent Business Partner

featured in news+media Apr 02, 2018

I’m a featured contributor in Bloom Co. Magazine's Spring Issue, themed {Growth}! Alongside other amazing female entrepreneurs and experts, we shared what it really takes to GROW a business of your dreams! I talked about what I know best and why your Your Image Is Your Silent Business Partner and needs an investment just like any other aspect of your business.

Start flipping below (article starts on Page 33) or download your FREE {Growth} issue here >>


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Who's The Lady? : A Re-introduction

Sometimes we get down deep in what we do and who we do it for, that we forget many people may be "meeting" us for the first time on social media or on our website.  

Since I teach my clients how to create a total image with their personal brand, I know it's so important to every now and then re-introduce yourself to the new eyes who are seeing you in the wide world of the internet.

This can be done with a new profile picture, a refreshed bio or even a full post dedicated to sharing what you do for those you serve - with a little bit of personality sprinkled in.

I recently posted an introduction on my Instagram and thought I would post it here too.  Nice to meet you if we haven't met yet - and if we have, I'm happy to catch up with you, Gal!

I’m late on #FridayIntroductions but I’m an Aquarius so I can play by my own rules! So for all who have joined me, welcome! My name is Michele - yes, with one "L".

One of my clients described me as "a life coach who...

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